Too often, companies put so much energy into campaigns and programs that analytics are overlooked. Recognizing this, NetScope includes analytics on all activities and presents these resources as effective and flexible tools for clients. NetScope believes that a key component of a Complete Interactive Solution is to have the best reporting and analytics systems available. We recommend our own Campaign Management Tool (CMT) Module in addition to solutions from WebTrends and Google to provide the best analytical, statistical, and log data reporting available. This data will demonstrate the return on your activities — how well an email marketing campaign is working, how much increased traffic your new site is receiving, what are the most popular and effective pages on your site, and more.

To make your Solution most effective, you will want to gather as much data as possible – and have that data in a format that is useful for your business. This is why NetScope’s Interactive Solutions provide built-in and customizable reports. Analytics can be available to the client through Self Administrative Modules, or by NetScope for analysis and distribution. Don’t let this key component of your Interactive Solution be overlooked.