Careers At NetScope

If you’ve read about our team, you’ve realized NetScope is a unique place to work. At NetScope, you’ll find an energetic group that shuns corporate boredom, instead bringing creative energy to each day. We pride ourselves on being independent but synergistic in a relaxed yet productive environment.

Work hard, play hard, have fun, see your efforts rewarded, and grow!


NetScope is a relaxed yet professional environment. We believe it is more important and productive for employees to feel appreciated for their hard work and talents than it is to have a dress code. Client service comes first, but when we leave each day, we want to do it with a smile. We not only understand, but also encourage each of our employees to have hobbies, because we believe that having a “work life” and “home life” makes your entire life more enjoyable. We cultivate a casual and productive atmosphere – a place where you will actually look forward to coming to work.


Another great reason to work at NetScope is the excellent benefits. In addition to creating a great, energetic and productive workplace, we include typical benefits like vacation, sick time and a 401k. However, we go above and beyond. Being located in Laguna Beach has its benefits of lunch time walks on the sand, a dip in the ocean or visiting one of the many restaurants or bars after work. We appreciate our employees and know that they are the foundation of our success.

Job Opportunities:

Our team continues to grow through our experience and by adding strong associates. If any of our open positions interest you, and you feel you have what it takes to join this dynamic team, please submit your resume and salary history. If you don’t see a job listed that fits your qualifications please
email – we’re always looking for exceptional people.