Having a an extra day off from the grind (your job) and enjoying a few frosty beverages (insert your favorite beverage here) or tasty burgers (organic, gluten free or red meat) , with the family or close friends or maybe even the kids sounds like a blast, right?  You better start planning now before all your staples (Doritos, Hummus, Tito’s, Ribs) are gone from your local over priced grocery store.

Now that you’ve got the coolers packed with the 10,000+ calories of essential nutrients to sustain you for the next 3 days, what top 5 things are on your list to do?  Top 5 activities trending this #MemorialDay @ #netscope while we #neverforget

  1. Beach #lifesabeach
  2. Riding bikes from Huntington Beach to Balboa Fun Zone
  3. Visit a Historical military landmark near you and see the true meaning of the holiday, while you’re at it, thank a veteran.
  4. BBQ and ping pong tournament
  5. Find some local outdoor music or cultural festivals going on near you
  6. Staycation (bonus item)
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