When the yellow pages got delivered each year we used them as weights to hold doors open (or targets for darts).   It’s not surprising that once Google and her competitors quasi-perfected their search algorithms that phone books replaced Duraflames in most homes, and “Googling” became a verb.

Now in addition to laptop “Googling” we are transfixed on searching all day long on our mobiles and tablets. Looking for a popular, highly rated Thai restaurant downtown San Francisco, turn to your Google Search app on your android. Need a new tire in a hurry, ask Siri (the underlying brain of Siri is Search) where the nearest Sears is located. And truly one of the greatest benefits of modern Search technology is  the ability to locate and select a healthcare provider whether in your local neighborhood or on vacation.

The ability to easily find and connect with a healthcare provider or doctor should be simple, right? One would hope.  Siri, “I need a podiatrist in San Francisco. As a consumer you are looking for options.  And in the shoes of the healthcare provider you want to make darn sure you are being served up by Google or Siri as a viable option for treatment and doctor visibility. Imagine being on either side of this worse case scenario: you were the only podiatrist in Irvine but lacked a website – or had a website that was not properly search engine optimized (SEO); or, you were a prospective patient but couldn’t locate a podiatrist within 50 miles of where you painfully stood. Lose lose.

Thankfully – and strategically – the healthcare industry is rapidly leveraging digital marketing solutions, especially SEO to make finding a solutions provider or individual doctor, much easier, and faster.

Below is a great article that I came across on Mashable.com that re-affirms my point that healthcare providers are getting smarter with the tactics they are taking to ensure prospective patients can find them. So if you ever need a podiatrist, ask Siri, and she’ll direct you to a doctor that not only graduated from medical school but is also proving to be pretty smart in gaining you as her next patient.


2 Responses to Without search engines, could you find what you’re looking for?

  1. Chris Lohman says:

    Good piece. Also, healthcare providers big and small are investing in reputation management. And this goes well beyond Yelp and Google reviews. The smart ones are listening to chatter on Twitter, blogs, forums, etc. and are actively engaging with patients, especially those who claimed bad experiences. This is smart.

  2. Randolph says:

    Makes me wonder.. Another headline question “can you find your doctor online?”

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